Woofies is a professional pet service helping you to look after your dogs, cats or anything else with paws, claws, feathers and fur for that matter!


Call today for a free, no obligation home consultation on

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You can email us too at woofiespetservice@gmail.com

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We are LICENSED Doggy Day Care & Home Borders from Conwy Borough Council.


Please do not leave your pets with people who are unlicensed.

Hello, we are Amy & Debbie and we run Woofies Pet Services. Debbie does the admin side, runs the Doggy Day Care (and can walk smaller dogs) whilst Amy is the chief walker as she is fit & very strong.


We have been together for 11 years and married since 2011. Debbie is a retired (injured) Police Officer and Amy worked for First Choice in Sussex before we moved to Wales in 2012. Debbie grew up in Llanfair Talhaiarn and Amy comes from a town in Sussex called Uckfield.


You can see our pets above. (in order of age) First is Homer (Tabby Cat). Homer was with Amy and her family after they took him in one winter. No microchip and frostbitten ears, he was happy for a warm home and love. He passed away peacfeully of old age  (about 17 the vet guessed) and is burried in Amy's parents garden.


Whilst we had Homer we also got Monty (Black) & Ralphy (Black & White) and they came from Chelwood Gate Cats Protection League as kittens. Monty is 8 in Feb 17 and Ralphy is 8 in September 17.  


We then welcomed Otto into our family when he was 16 weeks old. He is a overly friendly Welsh Collie x GSD. He doesn't believe he is almost 4 stone and will try and sit on laps etc. but he is the most loving dog we have ever met (yes, we are biased haha) Otto is 6 years old in Feb 17.


Then, two years later we added Neddy, He is a pure red Welsh Collie and the most beautfiul doggy we had ever seen. Amy actually cried when we collected him because he was so perfect at only 8 weeks old. Sadly, in September 15 Neddy had an epileptic fit out of the blue and it gave him brain damage. Despite our best efforts he couldn't find his way back to us, and we sadly had to put him to sleep. It was the hardest and most black day of our lives. We miss him everyday. Neddy would have been 3 years old in Feb 2016.


Not wanting to replace Neddy, but wanting to heal some of our broken hearts, we invited Barney into our family. He is a tri-blue Merle Border Collie and is very very mischeivious....he was born September 2015 and is keeping us on our toes. He is very playful and has an obsession with tennis balls and anything that squeakes! He loves having all the different dogs visiting in day care and every day is for playing!!


If you have not already figured it out, we have a Simpsons theme in naming our pets..........we are running out of ones we are happy to shout whilst on on the beach so who knows what theme we will have next!!


So, this is us! We love animals and we treat your animal as if they were our own.



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