Woofies is a professional pet service helping you to look after your dogs, cats or anything else with paws, claws, feathers and fur for that matter!


Call today for a free, no obligation home consultation on

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You can email us too at woofiespetservice@gmail.com

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Doggy Day Care

We are currently FULLY BOOKED for day care and not inviting any new customers at present.


We will open the doors on social media so please take a look.


We require you to come for a Meet & Greet prior to your dog attending Day Care. This is free of charge.


We have cats, so your dogs must be OK with our cats to attend.  


We will also not allow FULL Males and Dogs who exessively mark our garden furniture or destroy our property.


When your doggie comes to day care, they will be on trial for a few weeks.


Day Care hours are from 8am to 6pm.


For prices, please visit here

Dogs have access to our garden, the conservatory and on warm days our kitchen.


There are boxes of toys and lots of fun! All dogs who come here drag their owners in and most don't want to leave!


We play scent games, we have puzzle boards and when it's hot the paddling pools and doggy ice creams come out.


Videos and photos are uploaded on Facebook for owers to see their babies at play!