Woofies is a professional pet service helping you to look after your dogs, cats or anything else with paws, claws, feathers and fur for that matter!


Call today for a free, no obligation home consultation on

(01745) 341 001 or

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You can email us too at woofiespetservice@gmail.com

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Home visits


It can be stressful for your pet to be left on their own for up to hours at a time, or to go into cattery when you're on holiday. Our home visit services include anything from playtime, changing litter trays, feeding and more!



We will happily visit most common pets and will be glad to assist with any other duties around the house such as watering plants and putting-out the rubbish!


We offer a Text/Whats App/Skype update service so you can enjoy your holiday or day out knowing your pet is in good hands.


See our prices here.

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