Woofies is a professional pet service helping you to look after your dogs, cats or anything else with paws, claws, feathers and fur for that matter!


Call today for a free, no obligation home consultation on

(01745) 341 001 or

(+44) 07771 808107


You can email us too at woofiespetservice@gmail.com



We are currently FULLY BOOKED for HOME BOARDING and not inviting any new customers at present.


We are more expensive than kennels, and that is because your pet is NEVER left alone......that means we are unable to do anything socially whilst your pet stays with us or we hire staff to be with them.  


Also, your pet is on our furniture, in our home and is treated as one of our pets. Prices include the toys they play with, the treats they get and the cleaning we do after them.


They are never caged (unless they have a cage they feel safe)


In order for us to consider you for Home Boarding, you need to make an appointment for a Meet & Greet at our house.


Firstly, your dog(s) get to smell the garden and take in all the different smells.  


We then introduce your dog(s) to our two (Otto & Barney).


If this goes well we will then test your dog(s) reactions to one of our cats. We tend to use Monty as he "stands his ground" whereas Ralphy tends to run away!


There is no charge for the Meet & Greet. 


If this all goes well, we then let the dogs play whilst we complete paperwork and get you booked in.


Your dog needs to be up to date on all vaccinations and you need to bring the vaccination card on boarding.


Failure to have this means we cannot board them.




If you wish to book MORE THAN 2 nights Homeboarding with us, we require a 10% deposit of the whole booking to secure the dates.



We did not wish to do this, but sadly due to a high cancellation rate lately, we are being forced into this.


The deposit will be held and taken off the FULL amount on payment. Deposit is non-refundable should you cancel the booking. If we were to ever cancel the booking, we would refund the deposit.


The discretion on why the booking was cancelled is down to Woofies, and the deposit could be refunded in some situations if there is proof of illness or bereavement.



Please note - your booking is not secured until you pay the deposit